Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gift N' Favor : October 2012 - Special Trip to KL

Salam Friends,
I akan buat satu special delivery ke KL / PJ pada hari Jumaat, 19 October 2012. Pada kawan2 yang nak order my homemade (as listed below), tolong emailkan pada i latest by Wednesday, 17 October 2012 ya :
Cookies :
a. Raisin Cornflakes Cookies - RM15/50 pieces
b. Biskut Coklat Susu Nestum - RM18/50 pieces
(Nestum/butter/Susu/buttercup.) * Cookies ini tanpa telur ya. sesuai untuk yang vegetarian.
c. Tat Gulung Nenas - RM20/50 pieces
(Homemade jem nenas/telur/buttercup)
Muffin :
a. Coklat Chip Muffin - RM25 (16 biji)
(Lots of coklat chip/butter/milk)
a.Cheese Brownies - RM55 (50 pieces)
(full of choc and loads with cheese)
b. Chocolate Brownies - RM45 (50 pieces)
(Full of chocolates/mix of imported nuts)
a. Pumpkin Cake - RM35/1kg ++
(Loaded with pure creamy pumpkin/walnuts/eggs)
To order, please drop us and email at :
I only take your order from either these 2 email ya...SMS will not be entertained :p
more info of my homemade, feel free to scroll down...
Thank you for your good support~~